About us


About Us

TNN Capital was established in 1995 to offer customised financial advisory services to entrepreneurs, high net-worth individuals and companies. We coordinate and facilitate the acquisition and management of international assets and help preserve and transfer wealth across generations. Our services include asset management, companies administration and fiduciary services and we provide these in cooperation with a network of independent asset managers, custodian banks and legal, accounting and fiduciary representatives across international jurisdictions.

For entrepreneurs, we arrange private equity ‘Club Deals’ and lead the shareholdership in early-stage companies with particular focus on Latin America. As a specialist Investment Boutique, we offer clients unrivalled access to market and investment opportunities in high-growth sectors of Colombia and Peru and aim to be a client’s gateway access to these promising regions.

TNN Capital is based in Luxembourg with offices in Dublin and in the Latin-American cities of Bogota and Lima. We are a regulated entity under the supervision of Luxembourg’s Ministry of Economy.