Our solutions



Thanks to a flexible structure, TNN Capital provides a variety of customized and integrated services that range from investment monitoring, tax and estate planning, and risk management to trusteeship and financial counsel.

With our global approach and overall view on the wealth /capital of our family-clients, we are able to perform a global asset allocation. Other than financial assets, we also include in our global asset allocation model real estate, concentrated equity positions, royalties, private equity, venture capital and art collections in our global asset allocation model.

The cornerstone of a family’s long-term investment approach is asset preservation. In order to reduce global risk, we determine specific hedging and diversification strategies, and work side by side with our client-families to establish objectives, define liquidity requirements, outline appropriate time horizons, and set reasonable expectations for investmentĀ  returns.

TNN Capital also focuses on generational wealth-transfer issues, business succession strategies, and continuity in advisor relationships as defined by our clients’ wishes and requirements.

Through our fiduciary services we provide confidentiality and solutions for the management of minority or voting-right shareholding positions.

A crucial part of any investment program is the impact of taxation on returns over time, which TNN Capital views as a decrease of performance. We therefore attach great importance to the structuring of an investment portfolio, as we study the most tax efficient investment vehicles and structures for our family-clients.

Our Real Estate advisory services provide investment guidance and management, including day to day property management or setting up a dedicated investment family fund.

Our expertise also extends to the philanthropy arena as we help a family fulfill it’s personal views on the matter, define a mission statement and grant-making process, as well as provide specific guidance with regard to the creation and management of a family foundation.

At TNN Capital, we believe portfolio management is only one aspect of total wealth management. Our global approach includes defining and building an overall strategy for a multigenerational family. Wealth management services encompass objective financial advice, a global investment strategy, tax planning and preparation, trust and estate planning, real estate management and administration, insurance review, philanthropy and art advisory services.