Our solutions




Who are our clients ?

Our international client base ranges across many continents/countries (should we give examples ?), as well as across industrial and commercial family-owned companies and successful entrepreneurs.


How is TNN Capital different from a private bank or an independent wealth manager?

TNN Capital does not sell any financial products. Independent wealth managers are often paid by commissions on products they sell to their clients. In contrast, TNN uncompromisingly protects its clients without any conflict of interest because it only receives fees from, and is exclusively paid by, its clients. As an independent family office, we offer families a larger range of services: asset allocation strategy, family governance, etc.


So, are you not asset managers ?

One cannot be the judge and the plaintiff at the same time ! At TNN Capital we are not managers. We have the expertise to select and closely monitor the best allocation managers who correspond to our clients’ specific needs.


How is TNN Capital different from other Family Office firms ?

  • Each partner at TNN has more than 15 years of experience as a family officer
  • We operate at ease in an international context (mention the languages spoken at the office ?)
  • We offer a transparent and precise billing method
  • TNN is paid exclusively by fees from its clients


Are you an added cost?

With regard to fee structures, we adopt a completely transparent approach. We are only paid by the client and no one else. If TNN Capital adds to the cost, it is important to take into account the savings generated by our intervention on commissions, notably by banks, and the economies of scale that result from our method of aggregating accounts. Our active monitoring of asset managers guarantees risk-control and the improvement of long-term performance.  Our approach is to take the time to fully understand a client’s needs. TNN Capital places a strong emphasis on developing long-term relationships rather than on a “quick fix” solution. We offer a responsive, flexible and pro‑active service, providing practical and pragmatic solutions.