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Members of affluent families and successful entrepreneurs are typically very busy people. As one’s wealth increases, personal activities and interests expand, new entities emerge and future generations become concerned. As a result, high wealth individuals often find themselves interacting with an array of professionals who provide a broad range of services such as those which help them manage their businesses and investments, as the protection of physical assets, the planning of multi-generational needs or the handling of tax and legal issues. While effective wealth management takes much energy, too often this responsibility means less time to enjoy the benefits. In order to address this complexity, many families require guidance. TNN Capital provides financial and management skills backed by the expertise and professional knowledge of our partners. Our company consists of executives and a staff of wealth managers, accountants, lawyers and personal assistants who provide advice and highly customized services to our family-clients across generations. The relationships with the families we serve, supported by our dedicated advisory teams, span several generations, bridge business and individual interests and explore complex personal family dynamics. Through a comprehensive reporting process we ensure that all family members and individuals are well coordinated and integrated with one another.